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Capital Petanque Club Players

What is Petanque?

Petanque is a French ball game similar to lawn bowls.


However, the steel boules are not rolled but are thrown through the air towards a jack.

Petanque is a social game that is both exciting and relaxing, both tactical and a little chancy.


The game can be played by anybody, both male and female, young and old and you do not have to be athletic to play this game well.

Capital Petanque Club - Boule Artistes 2020
Capital Petanque Club - Adelaide Masters 2019
Capital Petanque Club - Wollongong 2019

About Our Club

We are Capital Petanque - a social community in Canberra offering a good mix of social, fun and competitive play.


With around 70 members from a variety of backgrounds and ages, our focus is on the social aspect of petanque, while also providing opportunity for competition.

Our "home ground" is our wonderful boulodrome  in Weston Park, Yarralumla.

We play socially Tuesday and Thursday afternoons with our main come and try and competitions occurring on a Sunday.


That doesn't mean we don't like to take it seriously at times.  From year-long leagues to single-day competitions we offer the opportunity for those players who like to get serious at times and really test those skills, and for the super keen, we have a fabulous relationship with clubs across Australia where club members travel to compete.  


News & Events

Want to keep up with what is happening at Capital Petanque?


We have regular updates via our Facebook page for upcoming events, competitions, club information and petanque news.

We also have a regular newsletter "The Boulesheet" that is emailed direct to your inbox full of news, events, results and pictures.

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